Tharu Wedding Ceremony

This is Tharu Traditional wedding ceremony

Tharu Cultural Museum

This is the Tharu Cultural Museum and Research Center building, build on 2005.

Tharu Circle Dance

Tharu circle Dance Performed by tharu women on the occasion of Festival called Jitiya .

History of tharu

The Tharus are one of the largest ethnic groups in Nepal with a population approximately 2.6 million (Census, 2011). They are indigenous inhabitants of the Terai, the narrow strip of flat and fertile land that lies at the base of the Himalayas. Their physical features indicate a Tibeto-Burman ancestry, but because of the proximity of the Indian plain their language is similar to Bhojpuri and Hindi. ntity and cultural values.


  • To conserve cultural traditions
  • To make ethnic individuals and group self reliant by means of ethnic handicraft training and ethnic craftsmanship.
  • To utilize local resources for sustainable development and conserve nature resource.
  • To promote indigenous knowledge, skills and heritages.
  • To educate Chitwan's many visitors

About Tharu Museum

The Tharu Cultural Museum is located in Bachhauli, 6 Bachhauli, Chitwan, Nepal. Primarily, it serves the local Tharu people (estimated population: 30,408).  With an annual average of 22,000 visitors, the museum’s funds come from its cultural shows, souvenir and handicraft shop, food festival, and museum fees. The museum itself houses medium and small-sized collections


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Museum Hours

Mon -Fri : 9am -7pm

Sat-Sun : 10am-4pm

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Tharu Traditional Footware