About Us

Museum History

  • Established in 2005.

Tharu Cultural Museum and Research Center was established in 2005 by Hariyali Youth Club in Bachhauli, near Sauraha. Yearly it receives 20-25 thousand visitors. They were a group of Tharu youths who were active in sports and other social and cultural activities. They used to organize cultural programs related to Tharu in the auspicious occasions of some Tharu festivals and rituals. They were also active in doing social works like collection of donation to run the school, tree planting programs and road maintenance. They were also aware that due to the modernization the lives of Tharu people was dominated by some pop culture and Hill migrant cultures (Pahadi culture). They wanted to establish a museum to preserve the historical antiquities for the future generation.

Museum Mission

Preserve Tharu indigenous culture, artifacts, and traditions for the future generations. Inform Nepali society and international tourists about Tharu history and culture.

The museum is managed and financed by the indigenous people and the museum also receives some funds from admission fees from museum visitors.The international advisory board helps us to write descriptions of the photos, although the final decision is made by the board of directors.

Contact Us

  • E-mail info@tharumuseum.org or chitwantharumuseum@gmail.com
  • Phone +977-9845107947

Board of Directors

  • Khilendra Raj Chaudhary, Chairperson -9845107947
  • Jeet Bahadur Chaudhary, Vice Chair Person- 9818278323
  • Deependra Kumar Chaudhary(Dipesh), Secretary -9855066365
  • Navin Kumar Chaudhary, Treasury- 9845043121
  • Ratnanamala Chaudahry, Vice Secretary- 
  • Hathan Mahato, Memeber
  • Fuleshwor Chaudhary, Member
  • Sandhaya Giri Chaudhary, Member
  • Sante Chaudhary, Member
  • Yubraj Chaudhary, Member

    International Advisory Committee

    • Dr. Arjun Guneratne, Macalester College, USA
    • Dr. Thomas Robertson, USA
    • Prof. Gisele Krauskopff, France
    • Dr. Terilyn D Allendorf, USA
    • Dr. Piers Locke, U